Yoga Burn Review: Why You Should Buy it Today

Does yoga really prove worthy when it comes to burning of excess fat in our body? That’s what, the new book “Yoga Burn” by Zoe Bray Cotton dedicates itself to. So, if you were looking for a proper Yoga Burn Review, this is it. You can find Yoga Burn Benefits, Pros, and cons all together in this detailed yet simple review.

Anyways, let’s jump back into the review of Yoga Burn Program.

Yoga Burn Review

In simple words, Yoga Burn talks about healthy weight loss and burning fat by a technique called “Dynamic Sequencing” which Zoe discusses herself with her readers.

It is a program designed by her which extends to a period of 12 weeks. Totally consisting of 3 significant phases, each phase of the program is designed to last 4 weeks and the final phase combines the techniques of the first two phases.

In this fast-paced world, people run around to make money and take care of their family that even staying fit has become expensive and time-consuming. Most people opt for hitting the gym and doing a cardio, but not many dedicate their time to exercise and not many can afford the time too. The YOGA BURN PROGRAM helps those kinds of people to stay fit without affecting much of their routine life.

What is Yoga Brun Program?

The book aims at designing an effective and fail-proof way to reduce body fat.

The Yoga Burn Program as its popularly referred to is a set of three types of principles designed to take up yoga as a weight loss regiment. Each type of principle takes one step at a time and helps lose weight gradually rather than immediately without the use of artificial weight-loss products or getting rid of all the energy in the body.

3 Phases of Yoga Burn System for Women

Being a personal trainer, yoga instructor and Body Transformation expert herself, Zoe has designed the systems of Yoga Burn Program in such a way that anyone doesn’t feel drained by the end of the day.

Phase 1: The Foundational Flow

This is the basic and the foundation phase of this whole “Yoga Burn Program” This is where you learn the basic poses, the way you do each pose, how to connect each pose with the consecutive one, and makes sure you do them in a fluid motion.

This phase is designed to explain each pose to you along with maintaining control of your body while doing them. This phase helps you achieve some significant changes in your body such as,

  • Better metabolism
  • Ease of breathing (Especially good for people suffering from breathing issues and diseases),
  • Helps establish a mind-body connection, that helps in bringing the muscles of the body under control.

Phase 2: The Transitional Flow

In this phase, you will learn to connect your body with your mind completely and bring it to a control that you feel an enlightenment within you.

This phase Zoe teaches various poses and how to transit from one to other without breaking flow. The objective of this phase is a smooth transition from different poses to combine them together for an effective calorie burning process.

This system is a continuation of System 1, so unless you get a grab of the various poses taught in System 1, the promising effects of this System cannot be felt perfectly. By the end of this phase, one should feel a sense of ease in their problem areas or in areas of pain. While a relaxation of muscle in all the other parts of the body.

Phase 3: The Mastery Flow

The final phase of this weight-loss regiment involves combining the poses and techniques learned in the prior phase and combining them together to achieve a perfect scheme.

This is the phase where you master your yoga skills. You will start seeing notable and severe transformations in your body. Toning of muscles, changes in the metabolism and digestive capacity of your body and also positive changes in your mental health are some of the significant areas where this program works its magic.

Benefits of Yoga Burn Program

The Yoga Burn Program has its own Merits & Demerits. First let’s check out the best benefits of Yoga Burn System.

  • Firstly, it fits Women of ALL AGE AND CONDITION. Be It a woman who is her teens or a woman working on her post-pregnancy fitness or a granny trying to be fit, this program works the same for all. Anyone can try and benefit from this regime.
  • Are you a PRO at Yoga? or Are you a new-comer to this type of fitness exercise? This is easy to follow and you don’t have to hold back your thoughts if you are new. ANYONE CAN TRY AND MASTER these systems easily.
  • RESULT-EFFECTIVE – When we try out a new form of exercise or fitness therapy, don’t we all love to see it reflecting on our body? Yoga Burn Program promises the best results when you try and do it perfectly. We can see it a positive change in our breathing, metabolism, tautness of our muscle as well as a relaxed mind.
  • It’s AFFORDABLE and also COST-EFFECTIVE. Cheaper than many other studio-workouts that we see every day. And hence people can try it without affecting their budgets.
  • ANYWHERE, ANYTIME: The major problem that women face when trying to stay fit is that they can’t fix a time for it. Most of the people can’t fit in a studio workout session while trying to manage their daily life schedule, this package is totally designed for them. You can do it from the comfort of your home and at your own comfortable time.
  • MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: If it doesn’t meet your expectations or doesn’t provide the results you expected, then you can always return and get your money back. The product comes with an amazing TWO MONTH MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

The Lesser Known Cons of Yoga Burn

  • Any kind of work-out therapy needs your CONSTANT EFFORT. If we don’t devote a quality time to it, then you will not be able to see the desired results upon your body. The same applies to YOGA BURN PROGRAM. You need to invest a significant time of your day and do it regularly to extract the best out of this package for yourself.
  • Although I said that the results are same for each and every person, the time and duration for achieving those results vary significantly. A woman of post-pregnancy phase might take a longer time, than a woman in her early 20’s trying to stay fit.
  • Lastly, if you’re a HIGH-FI BUFF who is looking for more serious sweat-it-out kind of workout, then this is not for you.

So that’s about the cons.

After reviewing what other customers said, we can clearly say that Yoga Burn program is worth buying!!

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Overall, this program is treated to be one of the best fat burning programs in the world. What Makes Yoga Burn stand out is the fact that this program is easy to follow and does not involve any heavy exercises or change in daily routines.

Let’s all strive for a more Healthy and Happy World always..!!

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