Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Review: Read This Before You Buy!!

Ever heard of a weight loss program that combines Diet – Exercise – Motivation together? Interesting combination right? Well, this is the essence of the concept of “Xtreme Fat Loss Diet”. Did I arouse your interest “antennas”? Yes? Good!! Then what are you all waiting for?

Go ahead and learn more about the program and also get to know how you can get Xtreme Fat Loss Diet at an attractive discount.

Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Review

Xtreme Fat Loss Diet is a program that focusses on fitness and diet in a unique way. It brings along with it a special fitness technique, unique eating habits and works out routines. This diet promises you a rapid fat loss within a duration of 25 days.

Designed by Joel Marion, Dan Long, and Shaun Hadsall. All the three have made some prominent efforts at fitness and succeeded as fitness coaches. Joel Marion has published many articles on fitness and Shaun has his own fitness studio and also has been voted as “America’s Most Fit” Pro by Club Solutions Magazine.

The “5 Days – 5 cycles – 5 times” Plan

The Xtreme Fat Loss Diet revolves around a 5-day cycle which is repeated totally for 5 times in the whole duration of the diet. This comes up to a total of 25 days, which is the duration the program is designed for.

The 5day cycle each has a name, for which it is designed for. They are as follows,

  • Cheat Day: Density Training Day
  • Fast Day: Lactic Acid Training Day
  • Shake Day: Strength Training Day
  • Moderate Carb: Dynamic Training Day
  • Protein-Only Depletion: Lactic Acid Training Day

I have explained each of these cycles as follows,

  • Cheat Day: Density Training Day

The first cycle of the diet itself starts on an interesting note. A Cheat Day is nothing but a day where you can have your “guilty food”. You can eat what makes you happy, be it an “extra cheese pizza” or ice-cream.

Consider the cheat day more like a “calm before the storm” thing. This is just a period where you can eat your favorite food, up to your heart’s content. The whole concept of this part is to increase your leptin levels. Leptin is majorly responsible for the metabolic and fat burning function of your body. So, the higher the leptin, the higher the fat burning process.

This is not something that you see in the other diet program that hit the market every day, because they all ask you to go on a diet spree which reduces the leptin levels drastically and thus makes the fat burning process a very slow and difficult one.

But you have to be conscious of maintaining the “Cheat Day” duration to once in a while affair. This is important only when you follow it in regular and between significantly long intervals as they help you to replenish the leptin levels. This will happen gradually and you will able to restrict your calorie consumption to 1 day a week.

The author has designed “Density Style Workouts” for you to follow, which helps to protect your lean muscle tissue, which while shedding the fat covering, may become weak and wear out. This will help you achieve that toned look perfectly.

  • Fast Day: Lactic Day Training Day.

So, after you have primed your body to kick-start metabolism with essential levels of Leptin in store. You are going to channel into a fasting sequence. This will help start burning your fats at top speed. I understand it is difficult to check into immediate fasting after having a Cheat Day, but the author claims that once this happens, the body will be able to burn fat at an increased phase, unlike normal speeds.

This section also recommends a large consumption of water and do three workouts through the day. As water contains Branch-Chain-Amino Acids (BCAA’s), they will help exclude harmful toxins and maintain body temperature despite the increased work out sessions.

This is also referred to as “Lactic Acid Training Day” because once you have fasted enough and after those increased work out sessions, the body will see a significant increase in lactic acid content. And lactic acid is mainly helpful in maintaining energy levels at a constant.

  • Shake Day: Strength Training Day

So, after a super fasting day, I’m sure all your energy and a little of strength would have depleted, along with your fat no doubt. To help restore that lost strength and energy, the author has designed this particular section. Here your body will be subjected to a generous dose of proteins that are absolutely essential for a healthy functioning of the body.

The author recommends Special health nutritional shakes to be the source of the proteins. T\During these days, your body will see an increase in protein content but a low calories content. Again the author has designed some strength training to be undertaken to maintain the lean muscle mass and also let your body to recover from the intensive fasting days.

  • Moderate Carb: Dynamic Training Day

As the name itself suggests, this section warrants only moderate amounts of food to be eaten. The author also suggests how much content of each category of food should be consumed – 30% carbs, 30% fats, and 40% protein. To add to the little amount of food that you consume, the author has also suggested that you take 5 meals per day to compensate for the depleting energy and replenish the nutrient content of the body.

  • Protein-Only Depletion Day:

The main aspect of this session is to deplete the body’s energy and protein content to make sufficient space for the “Cheat Day” which follows immediately. You are asked to eat a whole lot of meat- almost 2 grams per pound of lean body weight- accompanied by a lot of vegetables ( as much as you can muster).

The specialty of this diet is that it helps you get all the nutrients and proteins that you need, also suggests ways to get rid of them along with the fact they produce and also allows you have your “guilty foods” regularly.

Components of Xtreme Fat Loss Diet

When you purchase the “Xtreme Fat Loss Diet”, you will get the following products in your package,

  • Comprehensive Diet Manual: This is the training manual with detailed explanations about the various training exercises mentioned in the diet.
  • Success Log to track your progress: This is more like a motivational feature, that helps you to keep track of your progress throughout. This will be more helpful if you’re highly focused on your destination.
  • Supplementation Guide: Some supplements which are recommended by the author if, you’re a supplement favoring person. But the author states clearly that it’s not mandatory.
  • Apart from all the above, A Workout Log, A Quickstart reference Check-List has also been added by the creator of this program.

Bonus Materials

There is a lot of other bonuses that you get, along with the package I mentioned above. Those are as follows,

  • How to plan your weekly menu
  • Excellent tips on how to cook and method of cooking your Xtreme Fat Loss Diet meals.
  • Guidelines to do the various exercises mentioned in the guide effectively.
  • An FAQ section to understand and clear all your probable doubts.

Pros and Cons of Xtreme Fat Loss Diet


  • The essential part of the program is the way the information has been organized to provide you with a complete and satisfactory feeling when you go through it.
  • The bonus materials that you get is worth more than the program. Very informative in terms of health and fitness.
  • The fact that this diet combines – Diet, Exercise, and Motivational stuff – together is completely unique and highly commendable.
  • They have an excellent customer service process, that gives out a response within 48 hours.


  • The most reported disadvantage of this diet as reported by many people is the difficulty in sticking to it. The diet routine of this program is based on two significant sessions. One is fasting and another is the regular intake of nutrients and proteins. This is quite difficult for people to understand and get into the essence of the program.
  • There is not much flexibility when it comes to adjusting the program to your needs. You have no other go but to follow the program till dot.
  • You need to be very focused on your goals to avoid any significant health issues, which are possible if you miss out on any steps mentioned in the program.

The Final Word

Xtreme Fat Loss Diet is an awesome diet to follow if you wish to burn that extra stubborn fat. But if you’re someone who is looking for a flexible program, then this is not for you.

All I can say is follow this program only if you’re prepared for a rollercoaster dieting ride for the next 25 days continuously. If not also you can try to follow, as they offer excellent dieting recipes which are extremely useful even if you’re not following the exercises and techniques offered in the package.

So that’s all about “Xtreme Fat Loss”. I hope I have provided all the information that you will need to understand before you purchase this program. Good Luck on achieving that perfect body!! Cheers!!

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