The Beauty of Food Review: Natural Way to Reverse your Aging

Hello Ladies (Yes only ladies! Why? read on to know) Today we are going explore about a program that claims to “reverse your age clock” and make you look at least 5 years younger your age, that too without the use of any expensive topical solutions cream, gel, scrub), hair treatments or plastic surgery.

Interesting right?? Dive in to know more about this awesome solution to women aging process and also know how to get it for yourself at an attractive discount price.

The Beauty of Food review


~ You will never get a second chance to make a first impression~



So, what makes a good first impression? It’s the way we present ourselves. Our looks, hair, confidence, and attitude.

The latter two – Confidence and attitude come from the within as well as the people we are surrounded with, which in other words can put as “we have control over it”. But the former two – Looks and Hair, what about those? Do we control over those things?

 While many out there can say, “Do not judge a book by its cover”, it is essential that we take care of these aspects of beauty to tap our confidence level and the way we feel about ourselves.

So, that is what we are here to learn and explore. “The Beauty of Food” is a remarkable program where you will learn how to incorporate essential beautifying foods found in your kitchen and “reverse your age”- get back to the days of glory.

The program primarily targets women,( but men can also use and benefit from it) as women lose more with age and time with regards to skin and complexion as compared to men.


What will you stand to gain from this program?

As I said, the book is about how to get your skin back to its glory days, to recycle it back to a young, fresh, smooth, beautiful, healthy and flawless state. The solutions suggested by the author are all sourced from healthy foods and hence does not include any toxic & cosmetic application.

The food that we feed our food, will basically become our topical application, which will heal your skin and make it look as well as feel healthy.

You will get to learn the following techniques from this program,

  • Foods to use topically:

Yes, you will get to apply certain foods suggested by the author as your topical application such as cream, lotion etc. This as the author claims are known to improve the texture and tightness of our skin tone.

  • Wrinkles are gone for good:

You can bid goodbye to wrinkles that you have now and also prevent it from occurring in the future.

  • Learn the secret to get an amazing hair:

The author claims to have gotten this secret from the Eastern Ladies, that they have been using for centuries for getting the silkiest and glorious looking hair.



  • The secret to gain the softest hands:

One major disadvantage of aging is that your hands will start looking withered with loose skin. This can greatly reduce your confidence and looks even if you work on rejuvenating your face.

So, it is important to get your hands back to its soft and silky state, by using the techniques and foods suggested by the author.

  • Foods to eat:

While the author suggests food to apply on your skin, you will also need to add some of the foods suggested into your daily intake of diet. These are skin regenerating foods, that you eat daily as and when you like and/or also add to your meals. They will guarantee to get your skin to become soft, radiant and hydrated.

  • Two important concepts:

“Fifty Cent Botox Alternative” – This is an alternative plan as opposed to medically prepared Botox (A drug prepared from Botulin to remove wrinkles and improve muscular strength). And the most important part is it takes only an amazing “7 minutes” to prepare.

“Persian Princess Mixture” – This is primarily designed to improve your neck region, to make it look young and healthy. A common mistake done by many people is while concentrating on their face, they forget that the region is also an extension of it. But, this program is effective in concentrating on those “left out” parts.


A Word about the Author:

The author of “The Beauty of Food”, is HANAN – a Natural Beauty Consultant, who has had knowledge of these beauty secrets, right from the time of birth passed on to her through ages. The Eastern women are known for their beauty and ageless skin, are the backgrounds of where Hanna is hailing from.

She is a popular Natural Beauty Specialist in the East and her parents are people who they accord the status as “Royal Blood’ in the East. The recipes and techniques she has shared in this program, she claims to have got it from her late mother, which was originally the secrets of Persian Royal Queens and Princesses.


Pros of the Program:

  • Complete Care:

The most important pros of the program are that you get to have a flawless skin and skin tone not only on your face but also in your neck region, your hands, etc. No other program has ever done this before.

  • No Artificial Drugs:

It is a complete package without even a single bit of advice to use artificial drugs, medicines or any other cosmetic topical applications such as creams, lotions, etc.

  • Inexpensive and Easily Available Ingredients:

The ingredients you require for making the mixtures suggested in this program are all completely natural. No need to worry about their expense, you can easily get them from your local market or your back garden. These are mostly staples that we use on a daily basis.

  • Simple and Easy to Understand:

You don’t have to worry about being a newcomer to skin rejuvenation. Even if you are someone who has been trying various methods, I’m sure this method will surprise you. It is designed in a very simple, easy to understand language and it has been well organized and divided into parts to make the illustration better.

  • No need to invest any time:

The most incredible advantage of the program is that you don’t have to invest any significant amount of time to draw out success from this program. The maximum you will need for preparing the mixtures suggested is 7 minutes in a whole day.

  • Incredible Low Cost and Money- Back Guarantee:

For all the information this program contains you get it at an all-time low cost. Not only that you also get a 60 days money back guarantee if you are not totally satisfied with it (which is very rare as claimed by reports).



  • Grammatical Errors:

Even though I had mentioned the book is organized and illustrated well, the language of the book has quite a lot of errors. There are several grammatical errors that “Grammar Nazis” and natives will find very disturbing and irritating to read.

  • Not Scientific Proof:

The information we get through this program is not scientifically proven. The author claims it to be Royal Persian Secrets. We don’t know of any considerable evidence to prove its origin as well as the effectiveness of these techniques.

  • Only Digital Copies:

The book is available in digital format and those who would prefer a hard copy can only print it yourself after you purchase it online.


I would conclude by saying that “The Beauty of Food” is a must-have program for those who wish to have a completely radiant skin. Even though it is not a scientifically proven method, I would suggest using it, as there is completely no tricks or techniques that involve any chemicals or cosmetics or creams. So, you don’t have to worry about any possible side-effects.

Summing it up – A Natural, Non-toxic, Time-consuming method which renders you a completely radiant, young, healthy skin on your face, neck, hands and other significant body parts.

What more reasons do you need to try this program? Try it and post your views, comments, and results here!!

Have a great day!! Cheers!!

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