Perfect Weight Forever Review: Does It Really Work?

Ever heard of The Perfect Weight Forever ebook ??? Check out its detailed review here and also find out how you can find out how you can get it at an attractive discount price.

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Perfect Weight Forever Review

Are you one of those who has tried various methods of weight loss regimen and still not able to achieve any significant changes? Yes? Then The Perfect Weight Forever Program is for you!!

Let me guess! You quit your carbs, shunned away from your pizza, quit eating that extra-large scoop of ice cream and despite all this, your body refuses to budge and the shape not quite there.

Well, if you are one among the above, then you can happily stop doing all that. There is great news for all of you people trying to lose weight from Marisa Peer.

PERFECT WEIGHT FOREVER.!! Read on to know more along with attractive price discounts!!!!

What is Perfect Weight Forever?

Perfect Weight Forever is a program that shows you how you can lose your weight by combining nutrients in the right amount and quality to ensure that you don’t starve yourself to reduce weight.

There are many weight loss programs out there that promise to reduce your weight in significantly short time, some in even a few days. But, we end in a state of confusion seeing the amount of them, crawling their way into the market. So, you can clear out that confusion with the help of this program particularly if you’re fond of Hypnosis. Let’s get into the details.


About Author Marissa Peer

Creator of The Perfect Weight Forever, popularly tagged as the Greatest British Counsellor in the Men’s Wellness Journal. She has a graduation from Los Angeles Hypnotism Instruction Institute in Hypnotherapy. She has spent almost 25 years in the field and gained as much knowledge and information about her field of work and its techniques.

Author of 4 books already she is immensely popular staring at Health Shows in TV and radio channels across. Hence, you can see that the information she gets to give you is totally trustable.

Theory of Perfect Weight Forever:

Marisa Peer having taken her own time to study about the essential details of weight loss and its many effects on our body has re-established the fact that Weight-related issues, takes a toll on a person’s confidence and emotional stability levels. Especially if you’re a committed person, it can even tend to affect your relationship. Often in such conditions, the person becomes two things, one is increasingly introverted and closes contact with the outer world. And two is to eat too much. Food and Human beings go a long way in bonding. So, You can see them not talking like they used to, becoming very quiet with all their emotions tied into a bundle inside them but they also tend to. Unfortunately, this state of emotional close down is a major trigger for gaining more weight.

Hence Marissa, who has been studying about the effect of emotions of human body particularly in its weight, has come up with this unique method of weight loss, wherein she taps the closed door of your emotions and uses them to reduce weight.

Hypnosis and its Use in Weight Loss:

Marisa claims that hypnosis is the perfect way to lose weight. She says that by the opening the door to your inner submerged emotions, you can realize and find the exact reason for your weight gain, it could be your affinity towards food or your depression that’s causing you loss of your appetite or anything for that matter.

Hypnosis, as we all know, is the sure shot way to tap into your unconscious mind and emotions as a whole. And by using this technique you can find out what and how has exactly caused your weight gain and ways to solve them.

Product package:

Perfect Weight Loss program comes with an Audiobook that gives you instructions on Hypnosis and how to use them to find out the cause of your weight loss. The audiobook also suggests ways to reduce your weight depending on the problem.

You also get a Q&A e-book that answers most of the questions you might have after and when you have tried the product. This is compiled by Marissa and Niraj Naik M-Pharm, A Pharmacist from the UK.

Other audio books in the list come with a range of topics called,

  • Hypnotic Gastric Band MP3
  • Hypnotic Weight Control MP3
  • The Regression Session MP3, etc.

The various aspects of the book covers’ problems that come together as and when we all become too much attached to food. Food as much as it helps to survive and be healthy also causes damage to our body. Marissa claims that we all have become too attached to it, that we have started depending on it way too much to solve all our problems. Starting from craving for caffeine when overstressed to eating that mozzarella just for the pleasure of it, our hunger as turned into a craving that does not satiate easily.

Marissa’s technique therein addresses all these problems related to food and others as well and helps you get a clear idea of what is causing your overweight and how to get rid of it. The audiobooks she claims will help motivate yourself to eat not only healthy food but also selective and less. The right amount of the right kind of food. No more or no less.

Pros & Cons of Perfect Weight Forever:


  • It comes from a trusted source and is a compilation of many pieces of research put into it.
  • It does not require any special weight loss pills or surgeries to achieve a perfect body.
  • The testimonials from many people seem to claim that the product works wonders.
  • It’s completely easy to access and is very easy to follow.
  • The methods and techniques used are never heard off before. Completely innovative and thought-provoking ideas and methods for weight loss that makes it so very unique among the many such weight loss programs we have seen.
  • The role of emotions in weight loss is absolutely a new concept that has never been heard of before and it comes from a certified hypnotist is a major advantage.


  • The major negative of Perfect Weight forever comes from its positive, which is it is unheard of before. People might find it difficult to trust even with the positive responses provided on their official website.
  • A weight loss program that doesn’t exercise and pills is not new, but to use Hypnosis is totally new. Hypnosis is not something people would prefer to lose their weight.
  • As I mentioned above, when Hypnosis is involved you need to concentrate more and focus your mind and not let it wander.
  • This is common negative of the program that many seem to have voiced too, that it’s totally weird and odd to use Hypnosis for weight loss.

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Perfect Weight Loss Forever is a great program if and only if you are willing to confide your emotions into it. Certain points mentioned by Melissa is right such as we depending too much on food and that too the wrong ones to cure all our problems and stress. However, you can only depend a little on Hypnosis technique to cure your problems, and how much it will be effective for weight loss is left to try.

If you’re willing to try it then you can do it only when you are confident enough about the program and about your goal of a fit body and mind. Nothing comes easy, especially a perfect body shape. So, go ahead grab a copy and post your experiences here!!! Cheers!!!

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