Morning Fat Melter Review: Melt Away All Excess Fats!

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It’s time we address the black sheep!! “Obesity”. We may not openly accept it, but it’s still a dream for many out there to get into shape, have a body that is envied by many.

In our quest for ways to solve this problem, there’s a great amount of confusion always. There are questions that pop into our mind, that needs definite answers.

  • Will it work out for me?
  • Is it really worth the money?
  • What if It has any side effects?
  • Is this coming from a reliable source? Can the author be trusted?

So, if you are having such questions yourself, it’s normal. We all do.

But what if these were to be answered and effectively? That is what you will find out in this review about the MORNING FAT MELTER PROGRAM. So, hop on. Let’s find out what is all about!!

What is Morning Fat Melter?

Created by ALINE PILANI, Morning Fat Melter, is this new program that has revolutionized your way to gain a perfect ‘’looking as well as feeling’’ body for women.

But wait!! This program does not promise you quick and immediate results, false hopes of immediate weight loss, as all the other programs that you have been reading about everywhere. It’s based on the fact that you need fat to lose weight and to stay fit.

This program is all about how to make effective changes in your daily habits and that too without the aid of any weight loss supplements, that have become so popular in the market. Also, you do not have to spend endless hours of exhaustion in the gym too.

It’s a dream program for women especially those who can’t afford the time and energy to devout for themselves. It saves you room from putting your body into too much work, but also makes you the enviable one!!

Aline Pilani, is an authorized fitness and weight loss coach from Hawaii. She has shared her views, ideas, and ways to an effective weight loss journey that doesn’t take the toll on your energy before you even begin to see some positive changes in your body.

Components of Morning Fat Melter System?

In her program, Aline shares her idea of weight loss, “Eat your Fats Right”. There is a good amount of science involved here, because the right kind of fats when consumed in right amounts, gives energy as well burns the bad and extra fats from the body.

Aline focuses on mainly the following topics in her book:

  • The specific kind of carbs and fats that you should include in your daily diet.
  • When to workout and how? Specific morning workout sessions, rather than the usual ones that drive your energy out of the compound.
  • Proteins and their significance on your body and their part in burning extra calories in the body.
  • And a very interesting piece on Why and How people can eat whatever they wish to, without having to worry about weight gain

So, the above and a lot more topics have been discussed by Aline in her book.

The program consists of these following 4 components:

  • The Start-Up Guide: Gives you an introduction to the program. It is highly recommended for you to read it through before you actually start the program. It consists of the good amount of motivational tips for you to stay focused throughout the process.
  • The Core Manual: As the name says, it discusses the core of our existence -FOOD! (I’m a foodie!!!!!). Aline talks in detail about the best way to design your diet, which is to say including the right amount of proteins, carbs, fats to ensure a hearty as well as a healthy meal.
  • The Workout Guide: It’s the important segment of the manual. It demonstrates exercises designed exclusively with detailed videos and illustrations. The program got its name as Morning Fat Melter System because Alien considers it best that these exercises to be done in the morning on an empty stomach. That is the main objective of this program.
  • Diet Plan: Consisting of exclusive dishes and their method of preparation in detail with a list of all the ingredients needed. This diet plan is for 30days, where if you have no idea of what to eat to follow this program, you can consult this diet plan, and reap the benefits of it.

This is just an overview of what this program contains, but a lot more is discussed in this book which will benefit you in the long run.

Benefits of Morning Fat Melter

  • When we adopt any fitness program, all we expect is results. Aline’s program delivers as it promises.
  • Easily, the most advantageous point of this program is how much less work you have to do to lose that extra fat. You are not required to do any sweat out gym session to achieve it.
  • The author is an expert fitness coach can be trusted with and therefore the information that she has provided with this program is completely authentic.
  • The program is very easy to understand for any layman and comes complete with a detailed package of videos which are highly effective for the readers what the author is trying to say.
  • Anybody can make use of this program even though it’s primary target is women. Its open for all to try and gain the benefits.
  • It comes at a reasonable price and hence does not burn your wallet.

Negative Aspects of the program

Nobody and nothing is perfect, so here are some of the negative aspects of this program,

  • Even though I mentioned above that this program is suitable for all at any age, the main focus audience of this program is Women. The diet plan offered by the author though is suitable for men and they can benefit from trying out the recipes, but the workout session is totally planned for women and so it might not be suitable for men to try it.
  • The results are promising and delivered as it said. But they are immediate. Morning Fat Melter program is no magic. It does not promise you immediate results, like say in 2 to 3 days as some other programs promise you. A minimum of 2 to 3 weeks is needed and Author has made that very clear in this program.
  • The Morning Fat Melter is available only in PDF format as of now. So, if you’re looking for a hard copy then this might be a let-down for you.


Having listed out all the major aspects of THE MORNING FAT MELTER PROGRAM – I believe it is absolutely worth trying out. You can also check-out Aline’s Facebook Page where a lot of reviews and testimonials have been put up of the book and the author.

The final word is that The Morning Fat Melter is not your regular everyday weight loss program. It requires a significant amount of your efforts for you to get it right. So, for all the beneficial reasons, this program is worth the money and effective in deliverance for us Women to try it out.

I hope I have provided you with enough information about this program and Wish you all a good health!!

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