EZ Battery Reconditioning System Review: Save $1000 on Batteries

Ever heard of The EZ Battery Reconditioning System that saves you from wasting your money on buying new batteries from time to time? Here’s a full review of the whole system. 

Read on to know and benefit!!!

EZ Battery Reconditioning System: A Review of the Hot Topic in Market

Hello there!! Looking to buy a new battery for your car or your laptop? Having problems with batteries frequently?? WAIT!!!!!!!

EZ BATTERY RECONDITIONING SYSTEM is just for you. Now, you can save your money by spending less on buying new batteries by renewing your old and dead batteries back into life!!!



Tom Ericson, is a former golf cart employee along with FRANK THOMPSON, has come up with this genius method to bring back almost any dead or weak functioning battery back into life.

This genius trick that they teach you in their course manual, they claim could save you significant amounts of money that you spend on buying batteries for your car, laptop, phone, etc.

Let’s get into the details of the program!

How Does EZ Battery Reconditioning Work?

This guide involves 21 chapters of step by step instructions, written by Tom Ericson & Frank Thompson, teaching you how to rejuvenate your dead batteries back to life.

There are 4 steps enumerated by Tom & Frank, to make you understand how this reconditioning process works out. I have taken the liberty to list them out to you as follows,

  • Gather the necessary tools required for re-conditioning:

Any workman needs his tools, going by that line Tom & Frank has listed out many tools that you will need to do a successful battery reconditioning.

  • Inspecting old batteries for reconditioning:

To re-condition a battery the first and foremost thing that we need is a battery obviously!! But not all batteries can be reconditioned. To ease out the work, Tom & Frank has listed out some ways to identify with a battery that can be reconditioned and also cannot be. This makes your work easier and swifter.

  • The Process of Reconditioning:

Now, comes the part where you will be directed carefully with step by step instructions as to how to carry out the reconditioning process. Tom & Frank teach you 2 different kinds of ways to recondition and also helps you to identify the way that will suit you best according to your battery type.

  • Sell Well:

After you have done with reconditioning of the battery, if you are planning to sell it, then this section will be more useful for you. Tom Ericson provides you with a free “Battery Business Guide”. This helps you decide on how to set up and strategize your Battery business and meet ever-growing demand in the market.


What Kind of Batteries Can Be Reconditioned Using This Method?

I’m sure this question popped into your mind at one point while reading the article. And to answer your question, I have listed out the various types of batteries that can be reconditioned through this method,

Car batteries

Phone batteries

Laptop batteries

9V, 6V & 24V batteries

Alkaline batteries

Rechargeable batteries

Golf batteries

Alkaline batteries

C, D & N batteries

AAA & AA batteries

Deep Cycle batteries

Solar System based batteries

Wind System based batteries

Sealed Lead Acid batteries

Lead Acid batteries

Lithium-ion batteries

Nickel batteries

Truck batteries

Marine batteries


Benefits You Reap from This Program:

I have analyzed and listed out some of the benefits this program can render you personally as well in business.

  • Eco-friendly:

Well, this is a completely environment-friendly program and given the hourly need to address that growing pollution meter, this program does not add to it. This is one of the main reasons as to why you can buy this program without any second thoughts, well that’s to say if you are really concerned about the status of your environment.

  • No need to be PRO at it:

You don’t need to have any pre-hand experience at handling batteries or reconditioning them for you to understand this course. If you’re interested in renewing your batteries and saving some good money, then you can as it is take up this course. It’s designed in such a way that any person can understand and execute the instructions given.

  • Free Sample PDF:


There is an option for you to download a free PDF sample of the book, just so that you can be sure of where and why you are investing your money in. It’s a worthy feature for you to understand the value of this program before you buy it.




  • No need to look for new batteries:

Well, this being one of the main goals of this program, it’s worth it to buy this book just for the time that you could save in looking for a new one.




  • Save Money and Earn Money:

Not only time, think of how much money you can save if you just don’t have to buy any more batteries again. And also, this book can help you earn a lot of profit if you start reconditioning batteries as a business. This is more helpful and easy way to earn money.

  • Digital Availability:

This book is only available digitally but is very easy to access. Once you are done with payment, you will be directed to a members’ area, where you can download your book or read it as it is.

  • No Compatibility Issues:

There are absolutely no issues of the book being compatible with your device. You can download it directly to your laptop or desktop computers or phone, doesn’t matter whether it is Android or IOS.

There is only one negative (for want of a better word) in this program. It needs a significant amount of time, energy, and concentration for you to get it right and done. Of course, nothing worthy comes easily, so would suggest that you spend a good amount of your time on this course, if you’re planning to take it, especially as a business.


Important Warning:

We never know what’s our next second going to be, either anything might happen or nothing at all. But all we can do is make sure that we are always

prepared with safety and precaution methods ready at hand.

The reason I put out this word of caution, is because you will be dealing with Old, Dead or Damaged batteries that are extremely dangerous. So, it’s always best to wear a pair of gloves and well covered full-sleeve length clothes before you start reconditioning batteries. And also make sure that you conduct your process in a well-ventilated area.


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Concluding Note:

EZ Battery Reconditioning System is hot in the market, and it cannot be that for no reason. Is it? Battery demands are growing in the market as we speak, and it wouldn’t hurt if you try to meet some of it yourself by trying this program. Best way to earn money yourself without putting much investment. So, just get in the business and rock it!!


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