7 Steps to Health and Big Diabetes Lie Review: Actual Truth?

Each one of us has either experienced diabetes or seen someone go through it. They shun away from eating properly, always carry some kind of medication in their bags or worse are suffering from its hyper effects.

We all think Diabetes is a disease as in a singular disease. Well, It isn’t.

Diabetes is a group of metabolic disorders caused by a single condition that results in increased blood levels of glucose.

The body cells become resistant to insulin at one point, which triggers a list of diseases. Even a single gash on the skin takes months to heal or worse does not heal at all.


About the Book & its Author

Max Sidorov -The Author, is highly qualified to write this book. He has studied Kinesiology, The science of human and non-human body movement. He is also the founder of Golden Harvest Organics.

The book discusses various ways to control diabetes, keep your cells free from becoming immune to insulin, to keep both our body and mind healthy.

This book is not just another human, writing about some random disease or philosophy. Sidorov has spent more than 5 years in research with diabetes and his exclusive team of medical experts – INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL FOR TRUTH IN MEDICINE (ICTM) led by Max himself and this book is a conclusion of all his hard work.

The book – The 7 Steps to Health and The Big Diabetes Lie– is a revelation in itself. Sidorov highlights and discusses several ways where we fall prey to diabetes and how to reverse it. “Reverse Diabetes” it’s referred to as in the book, Max has suggested and discussed in detail, how to escape your way out of Diabetes mess.

Let’s take a look at the contents of the book below!


Big Diabetes Lie Review: Exploring the Book

The author sheds light on to the fact that how we all have fallen prey to the general notion, that diabetes can only be cured through medicines. It’s no big deal that so many pharmaceutical companies have been earning big time, through our one single belief. “

THE 7 STEPS TO HEALTH AND THE BIG DIABETES LIE, aims to shut down the general ideologies and beliefs about diabetes and teaches you to control it through little changes in your diet and lifestyle.”

The book is 540 pages in total comes with a hoard of information about how you can take care of diabetes yourself without the pharma-help. There is also a 30-day diabetes meal plan that comes with the book, which suggests simple ways to make healthy dishes that can control and save you from the effects of diabetes.

THE BIG DIABETES LIE is a compilation of more than 5-years long research, it includes various bonus e-books such as The Dangers of Microwave Radiation, The Secrets of Anti-Oxidants, etc. Each page of this book is an encyclopedia of itself which tells you on what food you should eat and avoid for diabetes, and also helps you to get rid of your body from harmful toxins that have accumulated from eating various junk foods.

The Book highlights the reasons why people suffer from Diabetes and How to Reverse them. I’ll highlight some of them below as follows to give you a general idea about this book.

  • DIET FOODS: Ever heard of Diet Cola’s, Sodas and Artificial Sweeteners that take place on your shelf immediately when you know that you have diabetes. Well actually, they can make you fatter and susceptible to an imbalance of sugar levels in your body. So a big no to such Diet Foods!!
  • FAT FOR FIT: Don’t get me wrong, I’m not asking you to eat more fat but I’m asking you to eat more of good fats, that provides energy to your body and is digested easily without adhering to the body. Sidorov highlights several foods that are rich in Omega 3 fats and also about a particular spice in your kitchen, that can help in the metabolism of glucose in the body.
  • YOUR FOOD IS YOUR MEDICINE: It is always being advised through ages that each disease has a cure in our daily food itself. So, if we incorporate certain significant changes in our daily food we can see tremendous changes in our health and also our cure diabetes, claims the book.
  • DIABETIC MEDICINES: THE BIG PICTURE – Sidorov highlights that there is no traditional cure for diabetes in the medical field. He also emphasizes the effects these prescription drugs have on the body. Their complications are much bigger than diabetes itself, he says, a slow but definite progress of blood pressure risks, cancer-inducing effects etc.


  • THE PHARMA SECRET: The many pharmaceutical industries have hidden the secret of curing diabetes through food, just so that they can run a good business out of your illness. Max highlights this not-so-new fact in his book and also provides you with a library hoard of information and dishes for/on self-care of diabetes.


The Pros & Cons

The main PROS of the book is its plethora of information on how to tackle diabetes naturally given to you by qualified doctors who have undertaken research to prove a simple but powerful fact – The changes that you can afford to make in you’re daily life that renders you with a whole lot of benefits.

It’s hard to not believe what the book says, after all, they don’t ask you believe anything that is artificial but only for natural cure and healing. Along with diabetes, the book also gives you a hoard of another bonus e-books that provide you valuable information about your body and its metabolic activities.

Many readers have shared their experiences after following the information of the book and have claimed that they have their symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes reduce significantly, which made them drop out of their insulin therapy and prescription medicines.

The only negative aspect of this book is that it is available in both e-book and hardcopy format, but its pricing makes it a little difficult to be affordable to everybody.


Last Word!

Max Sidorov never asks anyone to drop your prescription drugs immediately and follow his book alone, but he suggests that if you are not seeing any significant effects in your body even after taking various drug capsules, undergoing painful therapies and strict diets, to try his method of healing the natural way through his book. Other than diverting your way out of drugs, the book also has a lot of information that is useful for you in many ways and does not prove as a waste of your money. So, why not give it a try!

Go ahead order yourself a copy and divulge in a healthy reading!

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